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Savings Plans

When committing to Savings Plans, future Compute usage needs to be accurately forecasted for the next 12 months. This can be incredibly challenging, especially for fast growing companies. At Antimetal, we understand the hesitation companies have when making long term commitments due to fear of uncertainty and the possibility of overcommitting. To address this, Antimetal employs a flexible approach by staggering Savings Plans commitments. This method allows for adjusting commitments as your business needs change, reducing the risk of over or under-committing.

The chart below provided below by this AWS Blog Post is a good example:

Staggered Savings Plans

By Q3, when Compute spend starts declining, this strategy allows the overall commitment level to scale down by simply not renewing the expiring Savings Plan (medium Blue named SP2) and opting for a smaller Savings Plan (dark green SP 8).


Antimetal has automated this process for all customers, enabling our customers to focus on core business while benefiting from sustainable savings. Opt-out options are available for those who prefer manual management.