Underutilization Insurance

Antimetal's underutilization insurance model ensures that any underutilized Reserved Instances purchased on your behalf by Antimetal are automatically transferred and sold out of your account and the difference is refunded in the form of a credit on the following month’s bill.
For example, Antimetal recommends a t2.xlarge instance in us-east-1 (N Virginia). After running for 300 hours, the instance becomes underutilized. When this happens, Antimetal will automatically transfer the instance to another company in our customer pool or list it on the EC2 Reserved Instance marketplace so that it is sold to another company. Antimetal is constantly scanning the marketplace for the most liquid instance types and will re-size and re-list your instance accordingly. The cost of the window from when the instance became underutilized would then be credited to you out of the next month's bill.
Note: Any over-provisioning that occurs as a result of user action is not covered by this guarantee.
Last modified 4mo ago