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Our current pricing can be found here:
Pricing is 100% performance-based for every one of our customers. That means if we don’t save you anything, we won’t charge you anything.
We do not charge you for a Savings Analysis or onboarding to the platform. But you will not be able to approve recommendations without adding billing to your account to prevent you from being billed without consent.
All billing is done through Stripe or the AWS marketplace on the first of the month. If this is your first time using Stripe and you need guidance setting that up, our team is happy to assist.
If you have set up billing via the AWS Marketplace, you will be invoiced for the service as part of your AWS bill the following month, and we will send you a detailed breakdown of your bill as well.
Note: All invoices display savings generated by Antimetal to the nearest US cent.
If you would like to get a granular estimate of what your bill would look like, or if you think you qualify for the Startup Program or Enterprise Plan, please book a call with our team after completing a Savings Analysis.